Bitcoin – an opportunity for African trade?

Bitcoin continues to be the subject of much debate and controversy, but for many African companies the choice is simple. For them, the cryptocurrency is not at all related to anonymous black market business – it’s about enabling them to flourish. Sanne Wass speaks with Elizabeth Rossiello of BitPesa to find out more. “It’s like shampoo: you try it, it works, you use it.” It is with a smile that Elizabeth Rossiello compares bitcoin to shampoo when asked if it is hard to convince African busines

Iran’s National Internet: The Next Threat to Free Speech?

The Iranian government’s plans to create a national or “halal” Internet isolated from the World Wide Web have been underway for more than a decade and have been delayed time and again. Now, with new investments of hundreds of millions of dollars in the technology sector, Iran has shown major progress towards going its own way, causing human rights groups to warn against what they believe will be a threat to users’ safety, privacy, and legitimate access to information.